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PostSmile  PostSmile 5.3.3
PostSmile makes it easy to add fun and excitement into your email messages and web-forum postings. You can Drag and Drop images and emoticons, text or HTML quotes and signatures from PostSmile into your messages. PostSmile works with most email clients that can send HTML emails (Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Thunderbird, IncrediMail, AOL Mail,...) and web-based email accounts such as Hotmail or Gmail. It works also with MSN Messenger.

Love Quotes  Love Quotes 1.0
Love Quotes is a software program that contains a large collection of quotes on love, romance and friendship. In Love Quotes you'll discover a rich source of wisdom accumulated by generations of thinkers and wrapped into vivid language. It comprises more than 500 famous quotations, thoughts and sayings from numerous brilliant authors representing various epoques, and also quotes from other sources, like songs and movies.

WinZeal Express CRM  WinZeal Express CRM 3.0
WinZeal Express is a Customer Relationship Management software that gives you the necessary tools and capabilities required to create and maintain your customer data right from your first contact through the entire sales cycle. It enables you to build closer relationships with your customers and thus helps you achieve higher levels of productivity and profitability.

TradingNet  TradingNet 2.28
TradingNet is a simple database software used to manage all the Trading Document of your company. It will generate Quotation, Proforma Invoice, Purchase Order, Official Invoice. Further more, a simple Sales report and Invoice report The document can send through email or save to hard disk. Unlike other document software, the graphical documents that generate by TradingNet can't be changed or altered by recipients.
freeware, import, export, trading, agent, buying, office, factory,

Subject Search Scanner CD Edition  Subject Search Scanner CD Edition 4.6
A full-text search utility that scans files on CD-ROM drives looking for a given word or phrase. It is able to highlight those paragraphs where the search phrase is altered, modified or misspelled! The product is to be burnt on the CD and does not require any installation on your customer's machines. Searches are supported in any of 39 languages. SSScanner processes files in multiple formats including MS Word, WordPerfect, PDF, HLP and RTF.
grep, text, search, find, search tool, retrieval, utility, searching, searches, full-text,

EasyBilling Maker of Sales Document  EasyBilling Maker of Sales Document 1.7.0
Create professional sales documents, Quotations, Invoices, Receipts and Delivery Note. You just pick customer and items, EasyBilling will finishes layout and the rest. You can also put your company logo and other info into the documents. The newly added features, Stamp, allows you stamp your documents with Urgent, Revised, Private or any you want. The document and statistical reports can be generated in PDF format and print freely.
invoicing, invoice, quotation, sales document, receipt, print invoice, invoicing software, billing, delivery note, quote,

Subject Search Scanner  Subject Search Scanner 4.6
A full-text search utility that scans files on local drives looking for a given word or phrase. It is able to highlight those paragraphs where your search phrase is altered, modified or misspelled. All findings are grouped together in a single report allowing you to quickly find out the answer on your question. It supports searches in any of 39 languages and processes files in multiple formats including MS Word, WordPerfect, PDF, HLP and RTF.
grep, text, search, find, search tool, retrieval, utility, searching, searches, full-text,

  Easy Quotation 1.01 1
This is the trial version of Easy Quotation.Easy Quotation is a Business Tool designed to easily create business quotations. It is simple to use, allowing you to create quotations for your clients within a short span of time. In addition to printing quotations, you can also store, retrieve and print client and product information.
quotation, business, sales, fax, quote, invoice, letterhead, finance, account,

Export Guide  Export Guide 3.0
Learn how to sell your products and services in foreign marketplaces. Our manual provides information regarding selling overseas, export strategy, making contacts, market research, export regulations, methods of payment, methods of exporting, pricing, quotations and terms, financing export transactions, documentation, shipping and logistics and much more valuable information that you can use to expand your business in the global marketplace.
export, business, guide, small business, information, market research, business opportunity, strategy, contact, shipping,

CollectyCut  CollectyCut 1.0
CollectyCut is a smart and convenient solution to manage extensive collection of quotations in an ordered and tidy way. While you are reading an interesting text, you can select an appealing part of it and press Ctrl+C twice. Then just continue your reading, CollectyCut has already stored your quote and you can come back to it at any time. To simplify further quote search mark them with the appropriate tag later on
quotation, management, software, quote, text, information, tag, collectycut,

MemDB Quotation System  MemDB Quotation System 1.0
Traditionally, quotation is created by handwriting. Nowadays, many companies are using Excel or Word to create quotation. However, user needs to retype the items or copy and paste items from one quotation to another quotation. To increase the efficiency of this task, MemDB Technology Company designs an easy to use system to help user to create professional quotation easily.
quotation, customer, report, database, anaylsis, software, development, hong, kong, tailor-made,

Subject Search Siter  Subject Search Siter 5.1
SSSiter is your personal intelligent Web crawler which investigates Web sites looking for your search phrase, finds information and extracts e-mail addresses. The product reports with a ranked list of page links and text extracts. Using a powerful built-in text search engine, SSSiter finds matches in 37 languages, translates site contents into your native one, and reports results even if only part of the match is present or spelling varies.
web, site, e-mail, extractor, text, translate, translation, search, search tool, engine,

Bill Maker  Bill Maker 1.0
This software is an excellent tool for creating custom Bills, Invoices, Quotations, Challans etc Create,Modify or Cancel bills with full flexibility as per company'sor customer's requirement Manage your customers and suppliers. Find out whom you owe money and whom to contact in case of low stock. Give your customers a sense of satisfaction . Show them online product details such as photo, specification etc Provides Inventory for stock.
billing, bill, inventory, bill maker, office tool, supplier, quotation maker, quotation, scheduler, phonebook,

Remove (Delete) Specific Lines or Blank Lines From Multiple Files Software  Remove (Delete) Specific Lines or Blank Lines From Multiple Files Software 7.0
Remove complete lines, lines containing certain characters, blank lines or certain line numbers from one or many files.
rem, del, line, by index, file, from a, deleting, removing, replacing, txt,